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Welcome to Here you will learn important biblical truths that Christian churches don't want you to know.

What are some of these spiritual truths? Let's consider the Lord's Second Coming. You've probably been told that Jesus will return sometime in the near future. But the Bible clearly states that Jesus would return just a few years after He was crucified. In other words, the Second Coming occurred almost 2,000 years ago!

You've probably also been taught that Christians go to heaven, while unrepentant sinners are punished forever in a place called Hell. But here again Jesus disagrees. In fact, the Bible quotes Jesus as saying that all of humanity will eventually be saved!

The above are just a few examples of many biblical teachings that churches do not share. Frankly, you're going to be shocked at how many biblical truths you're not learning at church!


Suppressing the Words of Christ
God Promised to Save Everyone

Christians Are Called to Rule

Understanding the Holy Spirit

There's No Punishment in Hell

The Tithing Scam

Does God Appoint Pastors?

The 1st Century Second Coming


Adam and Eve: The Real Story
Jesus Promised to Forgive Judas

Who Was the Apostle Paul?

Christian Marriage and Divorce

The Secret Teachings of Christ

Scriptures: Money & the Church

Why I Wrote These Books

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