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Jesus Christ was put to death because He condemned the doctrines and practices of 1st Century religions. But the words of Christ also condemn and contradict several Christian doctrines. And this is why preachers must suppress some of Christ’s teachings.


The following book shows you — from the Bible — how early Christian preachers conspired to conceal many of our Lord’s teachings, so they could claim authority over God’s people. And then demand tithes and offerings from them.

Suppressing the Words of Christ


These books show you — from the Bible — how the following Christian doctrines openly contradict the teachings of Jesus Christ:

God Calls Pastors & Preachers
God Is Saving Only a Few

We Are Called to be Saved

Eternal Punishing in Hell

The Doctrine of Tithing

The Second Coming Cover-Up


Books on other subjects:

Adam and Eve: The Real Story
God Promised to Forgive Judas

Scriptures: Money & the Church

Why I Wrote These Books


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