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Jesus Christ is our spiritual Lord and Master, who teaches us the path to salvation. So how many of our Lord's teachings do you know? Most Christians can remember a few, but seldom more than three or four. And why don't Christians know more of what Jesus taught?

Because Christian preachers are genuinely afraid to share what Jesus taught!

The following books share the history of how Christian preachers have carefully avoided most of our Lord's teachings, so they can preach church doctrines that openly contradict what Jesus said.

You will be shocked to learn how many of our Lord's teachings are never heard inside Christian churches!


Suppressing the Words of Christ
God Promised to Save Everyone

Christians Are Called to Rule

Understanding the Holy Spirit

There's No Punishment in Hell

The Tithing Scam

Does God Appoint Pastors?

The 1st Century Second Coming


Adam and Eve: The Real Story
Jesus Promised to Forgive Judas

Who Was the Apostle Paul?

Christian Marriage and Divorce

The Secret Teachings of Christ

Scriptures: Money & the Church

Why I Wrote These Books

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