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Every serious Christian will eventually read enough of the Bible to discover that churches do not share most of Christ's teachings.

But have you ever asked “Why?”

It's all about tricking you into believing the two foundations of organized religion: 1) That only your church has God's truth. And 2) Jesus allows those who share the gospel to be paid.


It's time that you learn biblical truths you will never hear at church.

And this book gives you a great start:

Suppressing the Words of Christ


More biblical teachings your church will never share:

God Promised to Save Everyone
Christians Are Called to Rule

Understanding the Holy Spirit

There's No Punishment in Hell

The Tithing Scam

Does God Appoint Pastors?

The 1st Century Second Coming


Books on other subjects:

Adam and Eve: The Real Story
Jesus Promised to Forgive Judas

Who Was the Apostle Paul?

Christian Marriage and Divorce

The Secret Teachings of Christ

Scriptures: Money & the Church
Why I Wrote These Books


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